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By contactus
May 07, 2012
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Who likes going to the dentist?  Raise your hand.  



Nobody??  Then if we don't have an active, emergent problem, why would we go?   Why is it that we are instructed to have our teeth "cleaned" every 6 months (or more often for some of us)?  Have you ever wondered WHY?  Have you ever wondered what the enemy is?  

The enemy is plaque in the form of biofilms.  Sometimes you can see and feel it but often times not (it is sneaky and loves to live below your gumline).  Your hygiene appointments are absolutely vital to your oral health.  The hygienist that works with you is skilled at identifying areas below your gumline that are accumulating and growing biofilm.  She is also trained to disrupt and remove it and in some cases, provide therapy to restore your gums to a healthy state.  That, in a nutshell, is why it is so important to schedule and then keep your appointments for your cleanings.  

Feel free to high-five Michele, Geri Jo or Kristi after your next appointment for their awesome job at de-biofilming you.  They are fantastic at what they do.

For more information about biofilm check out the article "What Is Biofilm?"  on

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By contactus
May 03, 2012
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Since December of 2010, Kelly Dental has been utilizing some of the most innovative technology in dentistry:  A CAD CAM restorative system for same day/in office crowns, inlays and onlays.  The E4D uses lasers, custom optics, 3D rendering, custom Uls, real-time manipulation of 3D data gigabytes and robotics to produce restorative materials within a 3-4 hour appointment time frame.  This system has virtually eliminated the need for multiple appointments, temporary crowns and on most occasions more than one anesthetic application. 

Sound convenient? 

It is.

Here's how it works: 

Dr. Kelly preps the tooth being worked on and then Lori or Karen scan multiple images of that prep and its surrounding teeth into the E4D.  It then produces an image of what the crown will look like.  They are able to manipulate the contact space between the adjacent teeth, the thickness of the crown itself and how it will occlude with other teeth.  Once it's as perfect as it can be the image is sent to the milling machine which takes a purple block and begins shaping it. 


At this point the patient is free to leave (if he or she wants to) and can probably be found lounging on Gladstone Beach or shopping downtown Gladstone at our mega mall. Or...not.  Either way there is typically about an hour or so of milling time during which the patient is free to do whatever they want.

After the crown is milled it will be stained so that once it's baked it will look exactly like the other teeth around it.  Twenty minutes of baking time and voila!  From a purple block to a beautiful, new restoration.

It's really cool.

Finally, Dr. Kelly cements the new tooth in and makes the final adjustments.

Yep, it's that easy.  How awesome is that.

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